Making a positive difference — Climate change and your role as a teacher

Integrate climate change into your curriculum and create a cultural change in your classroom, your school, and your community!

This seminar is for teachers who: understand climate change already and want to bring their understanding to the classroom curriculum. Be inspired by those who have done this before. The perfect how-to guide and other digital resources will be provided.

Time: 3-4 hours    Grades: 4–12

What the ____ is climate change? Climate Change 101

Build your understanding of the science of climate change and your confidence in teaching it.

You are an experienced and highly effective teacher. Complement your own skills with content knowledge and sample activities. In this hands-on workshop, you will:

·       learn by doing,

·       receive a digital copy of the resources, and

·       receive a lifeline for how to teach climate change in your classroom.

You will learn from specialists in the area of energy and environment. Bring your questions, and we’ll answer them!

Time: 3-4 hours    Grades: 4–12

Inspiring Climate Education Excellence

Become an effective climate change educator! This professional development course will teach you about important climate change science along with the pedagogical skills necessary for giving effective instructions.

Pedagogical issues related to effective climate change education include:

·       aligning interdisciplinary climate science with existing science curricula,

·       anticipating student misconceptions, and

·       being prepared to address public controversy around climate change in the classroom.

This is the only climate science professional development course in Alberta that addresses content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), and the pedagogical skills particular to teaching climate change science and solutions.

Time:  3-4 hours   Grades: 5–12

Climate Literacy Ambassadors

Become a climate resource agent for students and colleagues and in your school and community!

This introductory webinar to the PEEL program:

·       Provides an overview of climate change science

·       Demonstrates PEEL and other climate resources, such as NASA

Investigate regional climate system topics: the PEEL program helps teachers who undertake projects that engage middle and high school students in research projects using data, including NASA data.

Time: 3-4 hours   Grades: 8–12

STEM Global Climate Change Education for Middle School

Middle school can be the best curriculum match for STEM and Climate Change.

·       Explore the basics of 21st Century teaching and learning approaches

·       Learn about the difference between climate and weather

·       Learn how our actions and nature affect the environment

This seminar enhances teachers’ knowledge of climate change, provides guidance on how to use effective STEM instructional strategies to teach climate change, and facilitates the integration of resources such as PEEL and NASA data models.

You will receive digital files to help you with your climate change education.

Time: 3-4 hours    Grades: 4–8

Learn how to apply your knowledge of climate change at the school level!

You are already knowledgeable about climate change and are comfortable discussing it with a group of adults, but you want to integrate this knowledge into your school.

This course will teach you:

·       how to approach change management at the school and with administration,

·       how to navigate potential landmines, and

·       how to share your knowledge with other schools.

Time: one hour   Grades: 3–12

Also valuable for school administrators.

Carbon Confusion — Climate Change Regulations and Applications

Get inspired! Learn how to effect cultural change by integrating inquiry-based learning into the classroom regarding climate change regulations.

Carbon regulations are changing quickly. This workshop covers:

·       The types of climate change regulations, with an overview from experts in the field

·       The international application of these regulations

Time: 1.5 hours  Grades: 9–12  Focus: social studies. This is available in Webinar format.

Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education

Join other PEEL-inspired teachers who focus on topics related to climate change!

This program provides initial content and guidance on teaching climate change in the classroom. PEEL provides access to expert guidance and to the lifelines that you require to navigate the facts and the controversy associated with climate change education.

Time: 1.5 hours  Grades: 8–12

This is available in Webinar format.