I think people should have hope. We can change the current reality of energy usage in Alberta.
— Ben, student

Peel begins

People for Energy and Environmental Literacy (PEEL) project was developed and piloted in 2015 by two teachers and an industry expert. This team desired to develop student understanding of current energy and environmental trends in Alberta through a collaborative approach and interaction with experts in the field.

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Working with grade four students over a full school year, over 25 different organizations and individuals collaborated on the project through campus visits, an outdoor classroom and off campus field trips. PEEL provided students with the understanding, knowledge, and key concepts to conduct an energy audit, make practical changes in their school and within their circles of influence. Students considered different forms of energy through the lens of maintaining balance of the triple bottom line: people, the environment and the economy.

The environmental benefit of the knowledge these students have acquired is considerable. They are making better decisions for themselves, educating their parents, and providing leadership in the community. These students are experiencing innovation in action.
— Jeff Reading, Chair, Green Learning Canada Foundation

PEEL today

The team of teachers and experts who created PEEL, are pleased to provide training and curriculum ready lesson plans that enable you to bring the best of PEEL to your specific classroom context. PEEL lessons are globally aware, Alberta focussed and personally empowering.

PEEL training is available to teachers across Alberta thanks to generous funding through the Community Environmental Action Grant and partnership with GreenLearning Canada Foundation. In addition to training, PEEL provides ongoing support to educators tackling climate change education in their classrooms. Free support is available online, by phone, or in person. Be supported by teachers who have found that the challenge of climate change education is not only worthwhile but inspirational.