Get Ready to Teach PEEL

Tackling climate science, energy and environmental literacy with students can be complicated. PEEL training will ensure you walk away prepared and supported as you integrate PEEL lessons. 

The representatives from PEEL had a positive and profound impact on our school. The foundational scientific information was rich, and thought provoking. The presenters modelled what it looks like to be an environmental steward, and invited us to be a better version of ourselves. They left a clear and inspiring message This message has found its way to all students at our school. To a person on our staff, it helped all of us raise our game.
— Brendan Trinca, Elementary School Principal

Workshops Include

PEEL trainers are available to answer questions by phone, email, and in person as you implement lessons. We know every classroom is different and educators need support in implementing new resources and topics. Peel is here to back you up.


There is no charge to schools for training sessions, follow up support, or lesson plans. Invite a PEEL trainer to provide a workshop for the teachers of your school.

PEEL is also offered through public educator training events, such as teacher conventions, open workshops and the Calgary Regional Consortium. See the descriptions below for a list of open workshops.

We're here to help! 

Over the course of a 35 year career in environmental, outdoor and energy education, I have had the wonderful opportunity to interact with many educational initiatives. PEEL is one of the best I have ever seen.
— Jeff Reading, Chair, Green Learning Canada Foundation